When you are walking on the ground there is an entire network of fungi below. Fungi have a unique synergy to the earth. The earth is a host to fungi. Mushrooms can cleanse the earths air and more. It helps improve the host. Cordyceps do the same thing in humans. It seems to benefit their host.

Professional cyclists supplemented cordyceps along with physical tests. What came back is what I normally would call breathtaking, but it is actually the literal opposite. The cyclists' improved their time to exhaustion, increased their peak power by 17%, and improved their ventilatory threshold. 

When you are running and your oxygen supply becomes negative to what your body is needing a lot of problems can come about. The first being lactic acid. Cordyceps in a chronic case of this situation shows benefits only proving the duration and effect of the oxygen enriching mushroom. A study in patients with COPD.

A study showed in young adults while taking it over a long duration of time that their endurance did improve with supplementation of cordyceps. This means their oxygen uptake or aerobic capacity was actually improving through this mushroom. Which is why you are starting to see professional athletes start supplementing this mushroom. Another study showed that cordyceps have the ability to increase the ratio of ATP to inorganic phosphate which means there is an increase in cellular energy. These are both huge reasons as to why professional athletes are supplement with cordyceps.

This mushroom has been shown numerous times to help with athletic performance. Which is why it was put in mud. Jiu Jitsu, crossfit, running, climbing, even your after work walk can benefit from this mushroom. During the Beijing Olympics three world records in the 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000-meter events were broken by athletes who were taking Cordyceps. It wasn’t their shoes that made them run fast, sorry Nike. It was the cordyceps. Save your money, drink mud.