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Mushroom Tea: Everything You Need to Know

Mushroom Tea: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve heard of people using Chamomile tea to help them sleep, and black tea to wake them up. It is common knowledge that herbal teas can bring gre...

You’ve heard of people using Chamomile tea to help them sleep, and black tea to wake them up. It is common knowledge that herbal teas can bring great benefit to the drinker, whether for comfort or for physiological relief. While tea leaves have their own benefits, there are other substances that can have an even greater effect when brewed and consumed.

Mushroom tea is an herbal medicine that has been used around the world for centuries. Traditional Chinese Medicine has continued to use this herbal tea to successfully prevent and treat disease over the ages. To this day, hundreds of mushrooms have been identified by Chinese doctors and scientists as medicinal and beneficial for human health.

When these mushrooms are brewed, it concentrates the nutrients of multiple mushrooms into a tea that will have a stronger effect as opposed to eating them raw. Mushroom tea is a potent reduction of the nutrients and fibers in the fungus, and it can be much easier to swallow than the mushroom itself.

Just as we brew traditional tea for the benefits of the leaf, more and more people are brewing mushroom tea for the health benefits they hold. Finally, after being used for thousands of years in eastern medicine, the mushroom is being recognized as beneficial in the western world. This is the natural supplement you probably haven’t heard of but need to know about.

Why Do People Drink Mushroom Tea

This tea isn’t brewed for a psychedelic trip; this is an herbal tea for your body. The herbal mushroom tea is made from functional mushrooms that better your overall health and wellbeing. Mushrooms are a fungi that have positive herbal effects when brewed and consumed. 

Mushroom tea is a natural supplement that can have a positive effect on your digestive health, your immune system, and your blood pressure. Depending on the mushroom, each tea will have a different effect based on its makeup. Some people replace their coffee with a cup of mushroom tea as certain strains of the fungi can have a similar, if not better, effect than coffee.

Most people use mushrooms to boost their immunity and help with their overall heart health. Beyond the physical benefits the tea can offer calming sensations as well; most mushrooms lower blood pressure and can help with anxiety. The main reason people drink mushroom tea is to replace harmful stimulants with a natural supplement that can better their health.

 In the east, people use mushroom teas to treat ailments and health issues. If you were having stomach issues or had high cholesterol, you would probably be given a mushroom tea treatment by someone you love. These are home remedies and natural methods for treating symptoms and preventing disease.

How to Brew Mushroom Tea

 You won’t be able to brew most mushroom teas in the same way you brew a tea leaf. There are some distributors that offer mushroom tea bags that can be easier to work with, but those have been processed to be concentrated. If you can’t get the brew bags, there are two very easy ways to brew raw mushrooms into an herbal tea.

 First, you can boil them and reduce the whole mushroom into a tea. You will fill your pot with water and the mushrooms and heat them together. Once the water comes to a boil, you will reduce the heat and allow the mushrooms to simmer for a few hours. Depending on the mushroom and desired potency, you will leave them for longer or shorter. When the mushrooms are reduced, your water will become tea! Strain your tea from the mushrooms, and toss the fungus. 

Second, you can use a slow cooker to do the work for you. Using the same amount of water, fill your slow cooker with water and mushrooms. Put your slow cooker on medium to simmer the mushrooms and wait about 16-18 hours for the mushrooms to reduce. When you strain your tea, wait a few minutes after removing from heat to prevent burning.

You can dress up your tea with sugar or honey, just like you would any other tea. Other ways to enhance the tea and flavor could be to use ginger or lemon in the brewing process to bring out the flavors and mute others.

Popular Mushroom Teas

 The mushrooms that are used to make these teas are called functional mushrooms. Functional mushrooms are the mushrooms that have the adaptogens, or herbal effects, when brewed. Some functional mushrooms should not be eaten raw, be sure to be careful when picking up your tea supplies. Always make sure you are buying mushrooms made for tea and not something else. 

 Unless you are an expert, never go picking for your own mushrooms! While these mushrooms are functional and beneficial, some are poisonous and could make you very ill. Remember to always get your mushrooms from trusted sources and gardens.

 You can find some of these more popular mushrooms in ready-to-brew packages at your local health or supplement stores. Packages are often mixtures of different varieties as they are most powerful together.


 The most popular mushroom tea, the Chaga mushroom, is believed to have great benefits for daily health. It has been studied and shown to have a positive effect on your immune system and fight inflammation. Lowering inflammation improves overall heart health and increases blood flow. Some studies have seen the Chaga mushroom slow the effects of cancer, but the science behind the mushroom is still in the works. 

Chaga mushroom tea is highly accessible in easy to brew forms by a variety of distributors. It has been used for centuries as one of the original medicinal mushrooms.


The second most commonly used medicinal mushroom, the Reishi, is known for its ability to lower cholesterol, reduce pain, and stimulate the immune system. It is low in potency and would be a good starter supplement for those new to mushroom tea.

 The reishi mushroom is the most popular mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine as it is widely available and has been proven to aid in preventing disease and treating pain.

Lion’s Mane

The Lion’s Mane mushroom, so-called because it looks like hair when it grows, is yet another mushroom that comes loaded with health benefits. It’s often eaten as a meat replacement and lauded for its fishy flavor, but it does much more than that. Lion’s Mane has been linked to strengthening memory, boosting nerve health and the immune system, promoting digestive health, and much more. It even has certain anti-inflammatory properties that make this mushroom even more useful. 


This is a parasitic fungus, rather than strictly a mushroom, but that doesn’t mean it’s not chock full of health benefits as well. Called “Himalayan Gold,” this mushroom has long been lauded for its power in holistic medicine, from possibly reducing fatigue to managing blood sugar in rats (and maybe, one day, humans). If you’re looking to benefit from all that Cordyceps has to offer, look no further than MUD\WTR™ for your mushroom tea needs. 


 The most common in the food world, a standard looking mushroom, you’ve probably eaten this one before. The shiitake mushroom is another popular type that helps boost immunity. This mushroom is also said to help with diets and energy. The adaptogens from the shiitake mushroom attack fat and can help prevent obesity. Some studies suggest that this mushroom has the ability to kill cancer and could be used in treatment.

Think beyond the grill next time you go out to a restaurant that offers shiitake mushrooms. It is often used as a meat replacement for vegetarians, but you can say you’re taking your medicine!


 This mushroom you’ve possibly seen before, as it is the fluffy fungus that grows typically at the base of trees. Besides its immunity boost, it also offers a variety of nutrients that you can brew into your tea. The maitake mushroom is high in fiber and protein, making it a natural energy booster as well. The maitake mushroom is often paired with other adaptogens to enhance their effects.

 When you see this fungus in the wild, remember to admire its herbal benefits, but please leave it on the tree.

Mushroom Tea Benefits

 It is truly amazing the benefits mushroom tea can have on your health! It can replace your morning stimulant, it can help you lose weight, and it can help you live a healthier life. The list for each mushroom’s benefits is enormous: they can be used as a medical aid for most ailments. As a truly natural supplement, mushroom tea could change your life.

 Each mushroom variety has a different potency and benefit. However, most mushroom teas help boost immunity response. Having a strong immunity keeps a healthy body healthier when faced with bacteria or disease. Mushroom tea also has a positive effect on your digestive health thanks to the natural fiber paired with the adaptogens from the mushrooms.

 The benefits and effects of these mushrooms are still being tested, and there are little conclusive results on their effects on humans. Though mushroom tea has been used in eastern medicine for centuries, we have only begun defining the science and evidence of their true benefits. 

 The studies that have been done on these mushrooms, however, do show promising results. A good portion of these popular mushrooms have been proven to help slow cancer, boost immunity, and lower inflammation. Adding mushroom tea to a daily routine could greatly benefit your overall health.


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