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Reishi The King Of Mushrooms

Reishi The King Of Mushrooms

The King Of Mushrooms Reishi which is also known as “The King of Mushrooms” because of its immunity support strength and diverse effects. One could...

The King Of Mushrooms

Reishi which is also known as “The King of Mushrooms” because of its immunity support strength and diverse effects. One could even go as far as to call it, ‘the OG Emergen-C”. It is a fungus that grows naturally in hot and humid parts of Asia. This mushroom has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. The shiny wooden looking mushroom was added to mud to help keep the tribe from getting sick. Which is why it is a part of your morning ritual.

You are more prone to sickness when fatigued, which is where reishi becomes the OG Emergen-C. It seems to thrive when the body is stressed. Reshi boosts the production of white blood cells and lymphocyte function while in the body to fight off the infection. This is done through B-Glucans. These are just sugars from the mushroom entering the blood system which stimulate an immune response while synchronously lowering inflammation. 

A key thing about reishi that validates its tribe leader status is how the mushroom works in immune responses. It will not only seek out the infectious microorganisms and kill them, but it will also restore the body’s immunity. Kind of like antibiotics, but without all the negative side effects.

Reishi was put up against 4 different antibiotics that were tested against different species of bacteria and it was shown to be more effective against six of them. Which included a bacteria that causes pneumonia. A bacteria that is involved in staph infections. The common bacteria in food poisoning. Also a bacteria that is found in UTI’s. And even the last one being Salmonella typhi, which is found in raw meats.

Reishi even has strong cancer fighting effects. Cancer’s aggressiveness is partly determined on how invasive and how much the cancer cells migrate. An extract from the spores and fruiting body of G. Lucidum have been shown to significantly stop the migration and formation of a colony when looking at breast and prostate cancer cells.

The B-Glucans in reishi have been shown in several studies to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells. This mushroom works so well a study showed that in over 4,000 breast cancer survivors 59% of them were taking some form of reishi mushroom. Cancer patients have also reported an ease from their anxiety as well when ingesting reishi. Cancer can weaken your immune system but while ingesting reishi it has been shown in advanced cancer stage patients to have an enhanced immune response.

This shows that no matter what the circumstances reishi seems to thrive and bring immunity to your body.

All hail King Reishi


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