Welcome To The Tribe

Welcome to the tribe. You decided to stand on the other side and try something different. Which can be hard to do. If you are new to the tribe, welcome to MUD\WTR. We are a coffee alternative that wants to get you off coffee. The morning ritual is something a lot of people don’t want to give up, and neither did we. But we wanted it to actually benefit our mind, body, and soul instead of just flooding our body with hundreds of milligrams of caffeine. So we created something for your morning ritual that will give you the strength of a Spartan and make Buddha smile :) 

Ever wondered what the 9 ingredients in mud do for you or how everyone is drinking that thing called collagen or why you keep seeing the word microdose? Well we got you.

Trends With Benefits is a place to keep you updated on what the sherpas of mud got going on. From the ingredients in mud to the herbs that we are putting in our own mud as we write this, Trends With Benefits lets you know what each one does for you. Someone is always in our cafe trying to make something, weird. But for a, weird reason. We are seeing an adoption by Western science of practices typically used by subcultures that are labeled spiritual or hippie, or weird. But there is a reason as to why we are seeing this. It works. 

You can read about how we continue to stand on the other side and challenge the norm. Adaptogens, psychedelics, coffee alternatives, fasting, anything that we think strays from the norm and benefits your mind, body, or soul we want to discuss with you.

So like I said, welcome to the tribe.