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9 Reasons Why People Love This Drink

Here’s why health conscious people are trying and sticking with this new mushroom-based beverage over others...

09/15/23 | Audrey Singer 

1. Focus and energy without the jitters

More than just a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, MUD\WTR is a rich blend of mushrooms, superfoods, and spices. It provides a gentle caffeine lift that boosts your energy, focus, and immune system without any of the jitters or sleep disruptions associated with coffee.

2. It’s loaded with 2.2 g of mushrooms per cup.

Each serving is packed with:
- Lion’s mane: Enhances focus and brain health.
- Cordyceps: Boosts energy and stamina.
- Chaga and reishi: Supports immune function.

This powerful mushroom combo addresses various aspects of your health with every sip.

3. It's surprisingly delicious... AF

MUD\WTR's natural, earthy flavor is like a warm hug from your favorite grandma. Add milk, sweeteners or get creative with recipes to make it your own. You do you, boo.

4. It’s 100% organic, clean and pure

Unlike some other caffeinated beverages out there, our OG blend is 100% organic and free from artificial flavors or colors. It’s also non-GMO, gluten free and Whole30 approved®. Embrace the purity of Mother Nature's bounty.

5. It supports your immune and gut health

We’ve incorporated mushrooms like reishi and chaga into our blends to give your immune system a fighting chance against the germs and chaos of the outside world. Also with prebiotic fibers, it supports gut function.

6. It's cheaper than a cup of coffee

Our direct-to-consumer model cuts out the middlemen, allowing us to offer you premium, high-quality ingredients for just $1.33 per serving. Buy in bulk and the cost drops to just $1 per cup, making it a smart, economical choice.

7. Our fans are obsessed

We’ve got more than 40,000 five-star reviews. Like this one: “Simply the best. This cup of sunshine is something I look forward to every day. It’s delicious and feels like a bear hug from a loved one.”—Kathy S.

8. You get free sh*t

Right now you can save $20 on a starter kit when you subscribe, plus get a free USB rechargeable frother, free stickers, a guidebook with recipes and more. That way you have money for things that matter, like avocado toast.

9. We support mental health

We’re proud to donate to MAPS, Berkeley and Johns Hopkins to support mental health research and the therapeutic uses of psychedelics. Not only are you drinking a delicious beverage, but you're also contributing to a brighter future.

If you made it to #9 you’re obviously serious about living a healthier lifestyle…