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Dakota Hunt

Southern California
Dakota's Youth Mentoring Program

The deets.

What's your morning ritual look like?
I try to wake up, drink some water, do a short sit with some breathing involved, make some mud, try to find some cold water to jump into to wake everything else up and or at least stick my feet in the soil & soak in the sun.
If I’m by the coast, I will wake up & surf too

What's your favorite mud recipe?
Keeping it simple with both powders - the mud & the creamer then adding some unsweetened hemp or almond milk & maybe some honey

How does mud make you feel?
Mud makes me feel alive & aware, having a cup or two in the mornings usually gives me the energy I need to kick start the day.

When and where were you born?
I was born December 6th, 1996 in Melbourne, Florida

What is your outlet?
Skateboarding, Surfing, Singer/song writer, Native American flute, Writing/Journaling, Collage Artist

What is your favorite quote?
Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished - Lao Tzu

What inspires you?
The now- Knowing that life can be so short

What do you wish you could change about the world?
I wish I could help give every starving human being food, help to provide safe housing to all & access to free health care providing free therapy, etc

Favorite Recipe

  • 1 serving of MUD\WTR
  • 1 serving of MUD Coconut Creamer
  • Your choice of unsweetened almond or hemp milk


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