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It's not coffee,
not tea,
it's better.

We worked with two food scientists to create a 100% organic blend with low caffeine and 2240 mg of functional mushrooms to give you energy, focus, and immune support without the jitters crash and sleep disruption.

Clean Energy | Laser Focus | Immune Support

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"MUD\WTR is pretty much the best substitute for coffee that you can ultimately get."


Author and Fitness Coach

Over 40k 5-Star Reviews

It’s what’s on the inside that counts



USA Grown Mushrooms


Gluten Free

How to drink it?

It tastes like a mug of hot cacao met a chai latte and they had a baby.

Person stirring a creamy iced beverage next to a canister and cinnamon sticks.

As a latte

Blend with hot water, add milk or sweetener and drink it hot or iced.

Hand holding a ceramic mug filled with frothy coffee.

In your coffee

Add it to your coffee to level up the focus and immune benefits.

A frozen coffee drink overflowing in a glass jar.

In your shake

Add it to your shake to give it a chocolate chai taste and benefits.

Energy, focus, immune & gut support with every serving.

Laser Focus

500mg of Lion's Mane to support focus and cognative function

Clean Energy

500mg of Cordyceps, Black Tea, Cacao and L-Theanine

Immune Support

1000mg of reishi & chaga with cinnamon, cacao, and turmeric

Gut support

Super-foods to support your gut health and function with prebiotic fiber.

Great Tasting

Organic cacao, spices, and turmeric mask the mushrooms and give it a flavor you can make your own.

No Jitters

Only 35mg of caffeine and  L-theanine help minimize the negative effects of caffeine

Why choose us?

100% USDA Organic

Over 2,220mg of mushrooms

USA grown mushrooms

Under 40mg of caffeine

Doesn't taste like mushrooms

Naturally occurring L-theanine

Our Original

Pikes Place


Mushroom Coffee



"this has improved my focus, alertness and mental functioning EXPONENTIALLY!"

Nikki A.

Over 40k 5-Star Reviews

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Why I started the company.

I used to be addicted to coffee and I'd take stimulants for focus.

I started playing with a morning ritual that was more than just a vessel for caffeine. My mom has been working in the mushroom space for 38 years, I started to blend mushrooms like lion's mane, cordyceps, resihi, and chaga with super foods and spices to mask the taste.

I felt focused, energized, and like ever morning I was doing something good for my mind and body. Best of all, I didn't feel the jitters, have mid-day crashes, or toss and turn all night anymore.

I started MUD\WTR in 2018 to share it with others.

Shane Heath
Dad, Artist, Founder & CEO of MUD\WTR

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