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Sleep Can Be Hard, :rest is Here to Help

MUD\WTR’s CEO & founder Shane Heath on why our new nighttime blend, :rest, is one big middle finger to hustle culture and “the grind”

Shane Heath

I recently learned about World Sleep Day. It’s an actual holiday. And it was created to “raise awareness for sleep.”

Wait, what? We had to create a f*cking holiday to raise awareness for sleep?

You know it’s a problem when the Guinness World Records (that big book that celebrates the highest freefall parachute jump, the most metal eaten and the most live rattlesnakes held in a mouth for 10 seconds) has stopped recognizing attempts to break the sleep deprivation world record. Why? Because they deem it too damn dangerous.

Hustle culture tried to sell me on the idea that sleep is for the lazy. It’s a weird flex. But then I started listening to experts talk about how this misguided philosophy has resulted in whole swaths of society sacrificing their health, creativity and emotional well-being in the name of “sleeping when you’re dead.”

As it turns out, sleep—even more than diet or exercise—is the single most important thing we can do for our health.

MUD\WTR started as a morning ritual company, and when it started to grow, I made sure that sleep and well-being were baked into our company culture. Ultimately, the best morning ritual starts the night before, so we offer our employees Ōura Rings to track their sleep alongside monthly book budgets, fitness budgets and access to a therapist. We challenge more companies to do the same.

We dreamed up :rest as a protest to hustle culture. It’s a reminder to treat your evening ritual like an athlete warming up for a game. This time is sacred. It’s that sliver of existence when you can disconnect from the chaos, reset and start breathing deeply again. Our society is terrified of the dark, but without the dark there is no light, and without rest, there is no rise.

Sleep can be hard, :rest is here to help.

Founder & CEO

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