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  • Why We're (Still) Taking a Stand for Psychedelics

    MUD\WTR and Trends w/ Benefits are proud supporters of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelics Studies (MAPS). Here's why.
    1 min read
  • Healing with Psilocybin

    How magic mushrooms helped me come to terms with my childhood
    7 min read
  • Digital Dust

    Dropping in with Dirtwire’s David Satori
    1 min read
  • How NOT to Get Fired for Microdosing

    Microdosing coach Paul Austin’s take on how to microdose effectively without losing your job
    6 min read
  • Healing Traumatic Brain Injuries with Psychedelics

    Traumatic brain injury is a silent epidemic among athletes, veterans and millions of others worldwide. Here’s how psychedelics might help.
    8 min read
  • What You Should Know about Microdosing for Anxiety

    The lowdown on microdosing LSD, psilocybin and DMT to ease anxiety 
    By Anna Wilcox 
    8 min read
  • Sally Jones, You Better Watch Your Speed

    How I cashed in on my friendship with a homeless woman
    6 min read
  • Ultra-Masochism

    I ran 43 miles through the California wilderness to connect with my primal roar. It turned out to be a whimper.
    By Kyle Thiermann
    5 min read
  • Greg Long’s Adventure Essentials

    The big-wave surfer and world traveler shares his cautionary tales and pro packing tips 


    13 min read
  • Diving into America’s Waters to Solve Cold Cases

    How a team of Youtube divers known as Adventures with Purpose went from picking up trash to finding missing persons

    By Maggie Gigandet

    6 min read
  • How Does Social Media Affect Our Physical Health?

    From nearsightedness to hand injuries, our small phones can have a big impact on our bodies as well as our minds
    2 min read
  • 3 Signs of Caffeine Overconsumption

    How to know when your caffeine intake is a problem
    4 min read
  • A Very Muddy Holiday Gift Guide

    Support your loved ones' healthy habits this holiday season
    3 min read
  • Sleep School: What We Learned from Matthew Walker’s Masterclass

    Here are some of the most eye-opening things about shut-eye that we learned from The Sleep Diplomat
    2 min read
  • Sleep Can Be Hard, :rest is Here to Help

    MUD\WTR’s CEO & founder Shane Heath on why our new nighttime blend, :rest, is one big middle finger to hustle culture and “the grind”
    1 min read
  • The History and Origins of Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb thought to promote relaxation. But where does it come from and what’s the story?
    7 min read

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  • Exploring the Frontiers of Psychedelics.
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  • Fasting Made Simple
    Big Sky Health

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