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  • Why Vets are Championing Psychedelic Decriminalization in California

    Veteran-focused psychedelic therapy groups are minimizing the stigma around psychedelics and pushing for safe access
    By Allie Volpe

    5 min read
  • Why You Should Grow Your Own Mushrooms

    DIY mushroom cultivation will save you money, offer peace of mind, and strengthen your connection to nature
    By Dr. K Mandrake and Virginia Haze
    6 min read
  • How To Survive A Bad Trip

    First things first: Don't think of it as a "bad trip."
    By Michelle Janikian 
    3 min read
  • MDMA for Racial Trauma

    More than 80 percent of participants in psychedelic trials going back to 1993 have been white. Monnica Williams is working to change that 
    By Michelle Janikian

    9 min read
  • Can Psychedelics Help Us Face Our Fear of Death?

    There are no treatments available to help people cope with dying. Are psychedelics the answer?
    By Abbie Rosner

    5 min read
  • Rick Doblin on Civil Disobedience

    How resisting the Vietnam War draft set the founder of MAPS on the path to psychedelic therapy 
    By Kyle Thiermann
    2 min read
  • Ultra-Masochism

    I ran 43 miles through the California wilderness to connect with my primal roar. It turned out to be a whimper.
    By Kyle Thiermann
    5 min read
  • Greg Long’s Adventure Essentials

    The big-wave surfer and world traveler shares his cautionary tales and pro packing tips 

    By Greg Long

    13 min read
  • Diving into America’s Waters to Solve Cold Cases

    How a team of Youtube divers known as Adventures with Purpose went from picking up trash to finding missing persons

    By Maggie Gigandet

    6 min read
  • How to Survive a Night in the Wild

    Learning the potentially life-saving skill of building a “leaf sleeping bag” 
    By Kyle Thiermann

    6 min read
  • The Many Wonderful Mushrooms of Yunnan

    Foragers in the Chinese Province of Yunnan collect a whopping 160,000 metric tons of fungi each spring
    By Crystal Wilde

    5 min read
  • Big Cat Fear in the Badlands

    Facing a deadly animal alone, at night, in the backcountry By Brent Rose The two animal encounters I’ve always been the most afraid of are bears an...

    8 min read
  • Are You Losing Sleep Over Social Media?

    How to have a healthier relationship to social media—and get better sleep in the process

    By Leo Aquino

    6 min read
  • Lucuma: What is it and What are the Benefits?

    Everything you need to know about MUD\WTR's new lucuma sweetener
    By Kyle Thiermann
    1 min read
  • Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

    Tools for effective communication with Navy SEAL and zen meditator Mark Divine

    By Kyle Thiermann

    6 min read
  • Astrology with Attitude

    Your spring 2021 horoscopes, with a side of real talk 
    By Anya Kaats
    6 min read
  • How to Overcome Feelings of Inadequacy

    Dr. Rick Hanson offers techniques to rewire your brain
    By Kyle Thiermann
    4 min read
  • What to Know About the Gut Biome

    How trillions of bacteria in your gut are regulating every aspect of your physical health—and what you can do to help them

    By Malcolm Fleschner

    6 min read

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