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  • What Is Lion's Mane

    What Is Lion's Mane

    Everything you need to know about the shaggy white mushroom By Peter Nakamura Never fuck with a hippopotamus. They’re aggressive, have sharp teeth,...

  • How To Make A Mud Peppermint Chai

    As we type this, we too are realizing it's the Holiday season and we got some shopping to do. To ease the inevitable holiday stress we recommend ad...

  • How To Make Mud Pancakes

    We like to think if Jack Johnson gave these a try our favorite song by him would have went a little different. While we all love banana pancakes, w...

  • How To Make Mud Donuts

  • How To Make A MUD\WTR Maca Melt

  • How To Make Banana Mud Bread

  • How To Make Pumpkin Mud Cookies

  • Pumpkin Spice Mud Latte

  • Cooking Oils: Kill, F*ck, Marry

  • How To Make A Vanilla Mud Latte

  • podcast
    Ben Greenfield

    High fat ketosis diet.

    Rich Roll Podcast
  • book
    Paleo Manifesto

    Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health

    John Durant
  • youtube
    Are there health benefits to taking turmeric?

    Turmeric has been used as both a spice in and for thousands of years.

    Mayo Clinic
  • book
    Mycelium Running

    How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

    Paul Stamets
  • podcast
    Cordyceps Medicinal Mushroom

    The many medicinal wonders of Cordyceps.

    Superfeast podcast
  • youtube
    Best Coffee Alternatives

    How to Beat Afternoon Energy Slumps

    Thomas DeLauer

Why I started mud.

By Shane Heath, Founder
  • Getting Lost

    Getting Lost

    The thrill of stumbling directly into the heart of the unknown By Tim Cahill I seem to have spent a lot of time lost: I’ve been lost in the jungles...

  • Devil’s in the Details

    How a disastrous morning at Mavericks led to the biggest wave of my life By Kyle Thiermann I lie in bed and visualize catching the biggest wave of ...

  • Living with Surfer’s Ear

    I’ve been deaf for a week now. This is what it’s like. People often ask me about the risks associated with surfing: Drowning, great whites, giant ...

  • How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

  • Talking To Kids About Psychedelics

  • How to Sleep Better This Winter

  • The Caretaker at Phantom Canyon

  • Montana Surfers

  • LA's Big Secret

  • Lion’s Mane: Unlocking the Mind to Muscle Connection

  • Anti-Charity: An Effective Tactic To Quit Drinking (and Other Bad Habits)

  • book
    You are the placebo.

    Is it possible to heal by thought alone—without drugs or surgery?

    Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Calm App

    Meditation and Sleep Stories
  • youtube
    Matthew Walker

    Why sleep is your superpower.

  • podcast
    Wim Hof

    Mastering your breath, body and mind.

    Lewis Howes
  • youtube
    The Science of Grounding

    Excerpts from another great documentary on grounding.

  • book
    Super Pumped

    The battle for Uber

    Mike Isaac
  • High Hopes

    High Hopes

    Can psychedelics fix our mental health crisis? By Kyle Thiermann Tim Ferriss is not the type of person you will find tripping to a light show at a ...

  • Talking To Kids About Psychedelics

    How a day with my nephew led to a conversation about drugs, consciousness and growing up I have six nephews and four nieces and don't prioritize ti...

  • What Is Psychedelic Integration and Why Is It Important?

    The psychedelic experience typically isn’t what most people would consider “grounding.” In fact, it’s usually the opposite. While trips are differe...

  • What Is Psychedelic Integration and Why Is It Important?

  • book
    How to change your mind

    What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence

    Michael Pollan
  • youtube
    DMT: The Spirit Molecule

    An investigation into the long-obscured mystery of dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

    Rick Strassman, MD
  • podcast
    Rick Doblin

    Rick decided to dedicate his life to bringing psychedelics out of the shadows and into laboratories and clinicians’ offices.

    The Chris Ryan Show
  • youtube
    Aubrey Marcus

    JRE #127 about ayahuasca.

    Joe Rogan Experience
  • podcast
    How I lost my soul (and then got it back.)

    Gerry Powell, founder of Rythmia

    The Kyle Thiermann Show