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Blair Atkins

Francis of Assisi once said, “It is in giving that we receive”. After a pretty eventful 2020, we’re gifting some favorites that celebrate mindfulness, nature, and psychedelics so we can all ease into the fresh year ahead feeling our best. Make a list and check it twice: below is the practical, the unexpected, and a little something money can’t buy. 

Stocking Stuffers
lil delights

FUNGIRL lion’s mane + sea salt chocolates ($35 for 5 bars

There’s the Hershey’s you grew up with… then there’s fungirl. Like mud, this chocolate bar includes lion’s mane to enhance clarity and promote focus. Also like mud, fungirl is organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. A couple squares of fungirl + a mud latte = the perfect post-lunch pick-me-up. You’ll thank us later.



MUD\WTR mud whip ($15)

You don’t have to purchase the starter kit to get our handy-dandy frother. We also sell it on it’s own. Make your loved one’s life easier and give him or her an extra whip to keep at the office or take on the road.




Cause it’s still 2020 and you can never have enough. Our friends at Dr. Bronner’s make the best hand sani in our opinion: organic, smells good, and can fit in your bag to take with ya wherever your holiday plans may lead.



MUD\WTR MUD & CREAMER SACHETS ($24 for 15 sachets of mud, $16 for 15 sachets of creamer)

If you’re playing Santa this year, pick up a box of 15 and drop a few in everyone’s stockings. Or gift these to yourself to bring with you over the river and through the woods.

support your daily ritual  



KEEPCUP reusable mug ($31)

Our team agrees: this is the best mug for mud on-the-go. It’s also tall enough that you won’t spill when using that handy-dandy frother.



We often get asked where we get our mugs seen in our social media images. If you’re more of a mud-at-home kinda guy or gal, we love ceramics like this one from our neighbors at Gjusta. It’s dishwasher-safe but pretty enough for the ‘gram.


MUD\WTR support your local sunrise dad hat ($30

We’re here to switch up your morning ritual. “Support your local sunrise” encourages you to get up, get out, and see the beauty. Wear this as a daily reminder to do just that.


HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND by Michael Pollan ($22)

This #1 New York Times bestseller that has brought the power of psychedelics back into modern conversation is a must-read for our team. 




This is a favorite book of 2020 of both our breathwork guru Chris Keener (catch him live on our Instagram every Friday 12noon PST) and Shane alike.

if you’ve been really good this year


OURA RING heritage - black ($299)

The best morning ritual starts the night before with a solid night’s sleep. Every full-time member on our team is given an oura ring to ensure his or her zzz’s is as prioritized as what’s in the mug.



MANDUKA pro mat 6mm black ($120

Still lying on a tattered mat from college for our Friday breathwork sessions? Put the best mat in the game on your list. Perfect for HIT, yoga, and listening to Chris Keener’s metaphors on life.


a gift that money can’t buy

Think of the BEST gifts you’ve ever received. Chances are they weren’t things, but experiences, moments, and feelings. One of our forever favorite gifts to give someone we love is to curate a playlist just for them. It doesn’t cost a penny. If you haven’t yet explored our MUD\MIX, consider it Shane’s gift to you to thank you for an amazing 2020.

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