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  MUD\MIX Vol. 2
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MUD\MIX Vol. 2

Music that makes us feel good

Dersu Rhodes

A study once showed that termites eat through wood twice as quickly when they are exposed to rock music. But what happens when they listen to techno? Like termites, whose work is impacted by sonic vibrations, I once quit a job because the music they played in the office was so bad. Thankfully, here at MUD\WTR it feels like one big, happy, grooving family, and good music plays a big part in our culture and creativity.

Which is why, each month, we’ll be sharing mixtapes we’re moved by, curated by the mud team. You can always expect a range of tempos and moods, with inspiration-sparking melodies from around the world that we hope will energize your work or play. Dive into this month's playlist, MUD\MIX Vol. 2, and read on for some highlights.

Happy listening!

With love,

Dersu, VP of Brand

MUD\MIX Vol. 2 Highlights:

"Smoking Pixels" by Jungle
Jungle is an eclectic and genre-bending band that you have to see live. Get a taste with this track, then go see them on tour this year.

"The Flow - Hex Remix" by Melanie De Biasio and Hex
Melanie De Biasio is a Belgian singer whose compositions pull from European jazz, noir-ish soul, avant pop, electro, trip-hop and classical. This remix produced by Hex is a surreal tapestry of flute and dreamy vocals that will transport you across the sea.

"Beginner’s Luck" by Maribou State
I love the way that Maribou State has melded classical Asian chord progressions with contemporary percussion and intricate productions. This song is so uplifting and makes me feel like I’m dancing under blossom trees in a Japanese garden.

"Fast Lane" by Rationale
A feel-good track perfect for kicking off a road trip.

"Heavy Icarus Remix" by Bow Anderson and Icarus 
Bow Anderson is an emerging Scottish singer who made gold with Icarus, a Bristol-based production duo. This track is an anthem that could be played as the finale in any epic DJ set.

"O Vermona" by Bullion
IMO, Bullion dropped the indie electronic EP of 2020. Bullion is so groovy and the playful, layered vocals make it feel like an EDM opera.

Matumbayo - Mardeleva
Our founder Shane was playing this in the office one day and I immediately had to know who it was. It turned out to be Mardeleva, a project by producer Eduardo Castillo, with Leonardo Prakash on sitar, guitars, flutes and vocals, and Bogdan Djukic from Serbia on violin, West African harps, percussion, and vocals.

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