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  That $hit’s Sick! Vol. 3
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That $hit’s Sick! Vol. 3

Community Manager Blair Atkins picks her favorite things from the month of August

By Blair Atkins

Some scour Yelp for recommendations; I always go with friends’ suggestions. So consider me a friend, dear reader, as I share with you the stuff I’ve been obsessed with this past month. From a new album I can’t stop playing to something not-so-sexy to add to your nightstand, settle in and enjoy the latest edition of That $hit’s Sick.

“Mordechai Remixes” by Khruangbin
My love affair with this band only seems to deepen with the passage of time. I’ve seen Khruangbin live twice and am currently looking forward to seeing them play at LA’s Greek Theatre this November. In the meantime, I’m listening to their newest release, a reimagining of the band’s 2020 “Mordechai” album, on repeat. Put it on when you’re hanging at home with friends as summer slides into fall. 

Giuliana Furci on “The Tim Ferriss Show”
Giuliana is the foundress and executive director of The Fungi Foundation. She blew me away on this podcast episode with her fascinating facts about fungi. It seems like we’ve only scratched the surface of learning about how essential fungi are to our world, and it excites me to absorb more about this topic from such a brilliant woman. As Giuliana says, “We have to let things rot.” 

Package-Free Glass Straws
I was recently away from my bungalow for a few weeks and legitimately missed my glass straws, which I’d left in my kitchen. They complete any iced drink or smoothie creation. Plus, they’re sustainable, shatterproof and help save the turtles. Who can argue with that?

Talk Less. Listen More. Here’s How.”
This article is over a year old now but I still think about it weekly. Becoming a better listener is a work in progress for me, whether it’s in a Zoom meeting or on a date. This essay has helped me start to reclaim the lost art of listening and improve my relationships at home and at work. “The reward of good listening will almost certainly be more interesting conversations,” writes author Kate Murphy. 

Sound Sleep Snorless Tape
You might not want to whip out this mouth tape when you’re first dating someone new. It’s not the sexiest, but it does help you get a sounder night’s sleep. It’s best to breathe in and out through your nose throughout the day as much as possible and to avoid mouth breathing while you sleep, as well. (To learn more about this, check out Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor.) I use a small piece of this product to tape my mouth shut so I’m forced to breathe in and out of my nose for the hours I’m in bed. It’s sticky enough that it keeps your mouth closed but doesn’t cause pain when you’re ready to take it off. Give it a go and thank me later.

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