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  • How NOT to Get Fired for Microdosing

    Microdosing coach Paul Austin’s take on how to microdose effectively without losing your job
    6 min read
  • Healing Traumatic Brain Injuries with Psychedelics

    Traumatic brain injury is a silent epidemic among athletes, veterans and millions of others worldwide. Here’s how psychedelics might help.
    8 min read
  • What You Should Know about Microdosing for Anxiety

    The lowdown on microdosing LSD, psilocybin and DMT to ease anxiety 
    By Anna Wilcox 
    8 min read
  • Can Breathwork Induce Psychedelic States?

    How you can transform your consciousness and access healing through just breath 

    By Marta Brzosko

    11 min read
  • Why Vets are Championing Psychedelic Decriminalization in California

    Veteran-focused psychedelic therapy groups are minimizing the stigma around psychedelics and pushing for safe access
    By Allie Volpe

    5 min read
  • Why You Should Grow Your Own Mushrooms

    DIY mushroom cultivation will save you money, offer peace of mind, and strengthen your connection to nature
    By Dr. K Mandrake and Virginia Haze
    6 min read
  • How To Survive A Bad Trip

    First things first: Don't think of it as a "bad trip."
    By Michelle Janikian 
    3 min read
  • MDMA for Racial Trauma

    More than 80 percent of participants in psychedelic trials going back to 1993 have been white. Monnica Williams is working to change that 
    By Michelle Janikian

    9 min read
  • Can Psychedelics Help Us Face Our Fear of Death?

    There are no treatments available to help people cope with dying. Are psychedelics the answer?
    By Abbie Rosner

    5 min read
  • Rick Doblin on Civil Disobedience

    How resisting the Vietnam War draft set the founder of MAPS on the path to psychedelic therapy 
    By Kyle Thiermann
    2 min read

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