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  Two MUD\WTR Drinkers Share Their Coffee Detox Stories
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Two MUD\WTR Drinkers Share Their Coffee Detox Stories

Josh Kraus

It can be extremely difficult to kick a coffee habit. You come to rely on it for the energy, the ritual, and the social aspect. But there’s always a cost. In the case of these two MUD drinkers, they found that the coffee club wasn’t worth the price of admission. Fortunately, they discovered MUD, and were able to get the benefits of coffee without any of the downsides.

Jody in Cincinatti, Ohio

How It Started 

I started drinking coffee over 15 years ago. I had a friend who was a big coffee drinker, so we started “going for coffee.” We first used these meetups as a social thing to hang out and do Bible study together. But over the years, I began drinking coffee more regularly. I’d not only drink it in social gatherings, I’d use it as a morning pick-me-up. I just loved starting my morning with a warm cup of coffee, and it became a daily routine.

Wake-Up Call

Things changed when I started noticing that I was getting stomach cramps after drinking coffee. I would also get jittery, but I told myself it was worth it, since I loved my daily coffee. I also noticed that, after the initial energy surge, I would crash and have a foggy brain the rest of the day. I would also have trouble sleeping at night. But my symptoms still weren’t bad enough to make me quit.

Then I started having really bad anxiety. It began a few years ago, and during one of my anxiety attacks I realized that my anxiety was increasing when I drank coffee. I began to experiment to see if coffee was increasing my anxiety. Sure enough, every time I had coffee, my anxiety was through the roof. It was bad enough for me to realize it was time to stop my daily coffee habit.

Quitting Time

 First, I tried stopping cold turkey, but there were days I just craved a warm cup of coffee and needed the energy, so I would cave and make a cup. Of course, my physical symptoms would return, as well as my anxiety.

I then tried switching to a variety of teas, but they all left me longing for a good cup of coffee. All of the teas tasted like warm water and just didn’t satisfy that coffee [craving].


I was scrolling through social media one day and came across an ad for MUD. I checked out some reviews and the ingredients. I loved how it has real ingredients with no fillers, and the added benefits of mushrooms. I decided to try it for a month, and truthfully, I was not expecting to like it.

When it arrived, I placed a tablespoon of MUD into a warm cup of water. I used the frother and was ready to go. I thought it would have a much more earthy taste, but I was actually surprised at how good it tasted! It was a good mixture of chai tea and cocoa flavors.

While the taste wasn’t as bad as I expected, it still wasn’t quite like a coffee taste. But I was sure I could grow to love the taste, and decided to add some creamer, which is what I used in my daily coffee. I wanted to see if it would hit the spot in the same way, and it did! I also added a splash of a cinnamon de leche creamer, which paired great with the cinnamon in my MUD, and I was able to sit down and enjoy it just like my normal cup of coffee. 

I was also surprised by the added benefits. I found that MUD gave me more energy and focus throughout the day without the negative effects of being jittery or foggy. I quickly became a believer in MUD\WTR. My kids have even asked if they can start drinking it. The only disappointment I’ve had is when I realized I’d signed up for a 60-day reorder instead of a 30-day one. I quickly changed my order to ship every 30 days. I’m currently sitting here, empty mug in hand, staring out my window, waiting for my order to arrive.

Nina in Decorah, Iowa

How It Started

I became a regular coffee drinker two years ago, shortly after the birth of my second daughter. I had always enjoyed the smell and taste of coffee, as it brought back memories of my mom grinding her beans and making her pour over when I was little, but it wasn't until trying to mother an infant and a toddler simultaneously that I had to have my coffee to get through the day.

I started treating myself to a latte here and there after I successfully got the older daughter off to preschool. Then I wanted them every day—which we couldn't afford, so before long, I bought a French press and began grinding my own beans. The Iowa winters only served to cement this habit, and it became a morning ritual that incentivized me to get out of bed. Finally, I began to understand my own mother a bit better!

Wake-Up Call

Last winter, I realized that I was often losing my temper, and sometimes I would yell at my kids, my husband, and the dog. I am not someone who yells, so it really bothered me. I felt on edge and irritable, and I had a suspicion that the coffee was to blame. After experimenting with not drinking it, I realized that there was a clear correlation between my coffee consumption and my short temper.

Quitting Time

I first tried quitting cold turkey, but I hated how tired I felt. I also missed that warm, fragrant, delicious reward that eased the transition from the morning into the day's activities and tasks. I then tried decaf, but still felt irritable. Next, I tried coffee substitutes and teas, but found them weak on every level, from flavor to effect. So I started making my own chai, grinding my own spices, and simmering them in milk for what felt like ages. This started to come close, but it was way too much work for a busy mom.


My sister is also a mom of two littles, and she had also noticed the coffee and irritability connection. She was the one who tried MUD\WTR first and told me she was really liking it. She said it still gave [her] energy, but without the side effects of coffee, and that she enjoyed the flavor. I looked into it and was impressed with the ingredients. I was already a big fan of medicinal mushrooms and was taking reishi and lion’s mane on a regular basis. I ordered the starter kit and am so glad I did. 

I am now a one-to-two-mug a day MUD drinker. My favorite way to make my MUD is with warm coconut milk, vanilla, and a pinch of cinnamon. I love the rich flavor, and that I still get my morning ritual of frothing milk and wrapping my hands around the warm mug. But most of all, I love knowing that I am drinking something that nourishes and supports my mind and body rather than irritating it. And, of course, my family loves that I am back to my kind, calm self and am not a rage monster!


A coffee habit always starts innocently enough, but as these two stories show, it can turn your body against you and even aggravate your temperament. Fortunately, Jody and Nina found MUD, and can now get a boost of focus and energy without cramping, anxiety, or yelling at the dog.

If you want to detox from coffee but aren’t sure how, consider swapping your java for a cup of MUD\WTR. It beats becoming a rage monster.

By Josh Kraus

Image By: Waldemar Brandt


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