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  Why Should You Go With A Coffee Alternative?
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Why Should You Go With A Coffee Alternative?

Are you searching for coffee alternatives? A cup of coffee is among the most popular ways to start your day. Coffee acts as an energizer and stimulant thanks to its caffeine content. For decades, it has been a top choice at home and at the workplace. You’ve seen the revolving door of people lining up to get their fix, expecting their favorite blend will keep them awake and productive.

Despite these benefits, more and more people are searching for a better way to increase their energy and focus. Too much coffee has negative impacts on your health. Even if you are in love with your coffee, here are some reasons why you should go with its alternatives.

Coffee Increases the Risk of Becoming Diabetic

You may love your cup of coffee. It makes you feel awakened and gets your day started off on the right foot. But did you know that drinking several cups of coffee is increasing your risk of becoming diabetic? 

As coffee works to boost your energy, it impacts insulin levels as well. Coffee makes insulin insensitive. This means that your body cells are unable to control the blood sugar leading to diabetes. For you to be on the safe side, you can opt for a coffee alternative that boosts your energy without impacting insulin production. Alternatives like green tea or lemon water can be a good choice.

Affects Your Metabolic Processes

Metabolic processes are crucial in your body. Your body needs to function like a well-oiled machine for you to have a healthy living. However, the caffeine in coffee tampers with these processes. Coffee contains somewhere between 80 and 100mg of caffeine. This amount affects how your body operates. Many coffee drinkers experience issues such as nausea, heartburn, and digestive issues. So, as a binge coffee drinker, you’ll always have some metabolic issues.

The best way to resolve such issues is by turning to coffee alternatives. Though these alternatives have some caffeine content, it is lower than that of coffee. So, they will have little to no impact on your metabolic process. 

It Can Lead to Increased Stress

Many people drink their daily dose of coffee, claiming that it boosts their mood. It’s true that coffee can enhance your alertness and focus. But did you know that it increases your stress level?

Caffeine, which is a central component in coffee, increases the production of catecholamines. Catecholamines are the hormones responsible for stress. In other words, coffee drinkers have higher chances of becoming more stressed than non-drinkers. So, if you are a coffee drinker and notice that your stress levels are increasing, you need to opt for the alternatives.

You can consider tea in place of coffee. Tea will offer you the same refreshment and energizing experience with coffee and contains substances that help you manage stress. You can finally live a stress-free but energized life when you go with coffee alternatives.

Coffee Puts You at Risk of Heart Disease and Obesity

Fact: heart disease is the leading cause of death across the globe. As you know, the caffeine content in coffee impacts the heart rate. When you start sipping away at your cup of coffee, caffeine increases the heartbeat, which in turn raises your blood pressure. Ever get that tingly or jittery feeling after a cup of joe?

The caffeine leads to a delay in glucose absorption in your digestive system. It also increases homocysteine levels. The rise of this hormone level puts you at the risk of heart disease. Also, coffee induces the consumption of sugar. Most people use sugar and other sweeteners to doctor up their coffee. As you consume excess sugar, you are likely to suffer from obesity. 

Considering coffee alternatives can be a great way to enhance your wellbeing. If you want to live longer, you need to consider doing away with that coffee cup or reduce its consumption. The founder of MUD\WTR set out to do just that! His journeys across the world led him to create a special natural mix that would improve health, increase alertness, and improve physical stamina. From a killer coffee alternative to a delicious creamer, MUD\WTR has just what you need to break your coffee addiction? Did you know you were addicted?

Coffee Is Addictive

If you’re a consistent coffee drinker, you start feeling a certain type of way when you miss your cup. Lethargy sets in. Headaches become usual things. Like other stimulant drugs, coffee has the same withdrawal impacts. The caffeine content has similar addiction effects as many illicit drugs. 

Eventually, when you use coffee for a longer period, it stops being useful to your body and you stop responding to caffeine in the same way. So, you drink a little bit more, and a little bit more, and a little bit more to get your fix. Sound familiar? To keep you safe on the safe side, you can consider drinking coffee occasionally or make the full time move to mud!

Coffee Leads to Insomnia

Have you ever needed to stay awake throughout the night? Maybe you had an urgent project forcing you to pull an all-nighter? So, you decide to take to coffee. You now decide to make this stimulant your regular everyday beverage. Congratulations, you’re welcoming a life problem: insomnia.

With every cup, you boost your caffeine concentration. Lack of enough sleep affects your awareness and productivity as your body does not get enough time to rest. To combat the issue, you go for another cup of coffee as soon as the day starts. The vicious cycle has begun.

The good thing is that you can get the same feeling without impacting the quality of your sleep. This is only possible by quitting coffee and turning to its alternatives. Apart from MUD/WTR, green tea, dark chocolate, and apple cider vinegar come with an enormous health benefit and will save you from insomnia. You’ll enjoy quality sleep and improve your health. You should strongly consider them in place of coffee.

Interferes With The Liver Functioning

As you know, the liver plays a crucial role in your body. It is the place where detoxification takes place. Here, your body deals with all the toxic elements you ingest. Caffeine negatively impacts the functions of your liver, decreasing your body’s ability to detoxify itself. This raises the risk of developing liver disease and other complications, thanks to the inability of your body to deal with toxic elements through normal activity.

Even if you’re an avid coffee lover, you need to limit the amount you drink. A coffee alternative with real health benefits can fill the void of a second or third cup of joe.  

Coffee Leads to Teeth Staining and Decay

Even if you aren’t doctoring up your coffee with sugar and syrups, it will still have negative effects on your teeth. First, it contributes to staining. Coffee contains tannins, which cause color compounds to attach to your teeth. Each cup of coffee you drink stains your teeth a little more. So, if you want to keep your white teeth, you need to go for a coffee alternative that does not have staining effects.

Coffee is also a major contributor to tooth decay. This effect depends on the amount of sweetener you put in your coffee. People who love flavored coffee are more likely to suffer from tooth decay than someone who takes their coffee black. To save your teeth from such issues, consider using alternative choices such as green tea, Yerba Mate, or mud, which have herbal effects that improve your health rather than harm it.

Prevent Postmenopausal Bone Problems

Unlike men, ladies are prone to additional risks associated with menopause. Coffee can be a major contributor to these problems through its effects on your bone density. This substance inhibits the consumption of useful minerals such as calcium and iron that are crucial in strengthening your bones. 

On the other hand, research shows that consumption of coffee alternatives such as Yerba Mate improves your bone density. So, if you’re in the menopause age or approaching there, you should be opting for a coffee alternative.

Going for A Coffee Alternative

Drinking coffee in the morning is a routine for many people. It comes with the perceived benefit of improving your mood and kickstarting your day. Although caffeine will help to increase energy in your body, it does so for a short duration. Your body gets used to it; thus, it becomes less effective to the user.

Everyone needs enough energy to get through the day. At MUD/WTR, we believe that we have created the best coffee alternative on the market. Based on all-natural ingredients without the inherent risks that come with a cup of joe.


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