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9 Reasons to Ditch Your Coffee and Try MUD\WTR

Coffee addiction is real and so is the hustle and burnout cycle it can lead to. But we can offer something better. We believe in creating healthy minds through healthy habits and incorporating the power of mushrooms to do so. With functional benefits like immune support, our coffee alternative blends are more than just a caffeine fix. We're on a mission to start a mushroom revolution. You in?

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1. Promotes focus and sustainable energy

Our :rise Cacao and :rise Matcha blends include lion’s mane for focus and cordyceps for natural energy, so you’ll feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to laser-sharp focus.

2. No jitters or crash

With just a fraction of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee, you’ll get the pep in your step you need to tackle your day but without the caffeine-induced jitters or mid-afternoon crashes (not to mention the coffee breath).

3. Delicious AF

MUD\WTR's natural, earthy flavor is like a warm hug from your favorite grandma. Add milk, sweeteners or get creative with recipes to make it your own. You do you, boo.

4. Organic and plant-based

Unlike some other caffeinated beverages out there, our OG blend is 100% organic and free from artificial flavors or colors. It’s also non-GMO, gluten free and Whole30 approved®. Embrace the purity of Mother Nature's bounty. 

5. Supports immunity

We’ve incorporated mushrooms like maitake, chaga and turkey tail into our blends to give your immune system a fighting chance against the germs and chaos of the outside world. Take that, cold and flu season!

6. Full spectrum mushroom powders

We use the whole mushroom—the mycelial biomass and fruiting bodies—because we're all about that full spectrum life. (No idea what the heck those words are? Don’t worry, we gotchu.) Plus, we give our mushrooms sound baths because why not? They deserve it.

7. Easy to take on-the-go

Just add water and you're good to go. MUD\WTR's powder form makes it the perfect on-the-go companion. No more fighting with the sketchy coffee pot or waiting in line at the coffee shop.

8. Affordable

At just $1.33 per cup, MUD\WTR is the cost-effective alternative to expensive coffee shop visits. Save your money for things that matter, like avocado toast.

9. Supports mental health

MUD\WTR is proud to donate to MAPS, Berkeley and Johns Hopkins to support mental health research and the therapeutic uses of psychedelics. Not only are you drinking a delicious beverage, but you're also contributing to a brighter future.

Ready to ditch your coffee and join the mushroom revolution?