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What to expect from your MUD\WTR

How to use the MUD\WTR frother (a cautionary tale)

The MUD\WTR frother is a force to be reckoned with. Moving at over 8000rpm, it is powerful enough to ravage any wedding dress (and whip your MUD\WTR into frothy perfection).

How to make :rise your morning ritual

Coffee can freak a lot of people out, wreaking havoc on the sleep & energy cycle. MUD\WTR super fans Leo and Hannah show you a better way: build a MUD\WTR habit instead.

Here are some things to get familiar with

Theres a nap for that

You want to find out what we’re all about? Take a nap, then download the MUD\WTR app. It’s available for iOS and Android.

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Trends w/ Benefits

Trends w/ Benefits is our storytelling platform, where we explore the worlds of psychedelics, well-being and much more.


Why I started MUD\WTR

Speaking of stories, watch our founder Shane Heath tell his story of why he founded MUD\WTR.

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