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The Macadamia Mud

Prep Time
5 minutes
Sah D'Simone

The deets.

Our Ambassador Sah D'Simone shared with us how he drinks his mud and we have been drinking our mud the same way for a week now. It is much like a latte that is quick and easy if you are needing a change in your morning mud. He brings us, The Macadamia Mud


  • 12oz macadamia milk
  • Spoonful of grass fed ghee
  • Desired amount of honey
  • 1 serving of MUD\WTR


  1. Heat up macadamia milk
  2. Combine ghee, honey, and MUD\WTR in mug of choice
  3. Add heated mylk in mug
  4. Froth (carefully)
  5. Enjoy!