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  90 serving bag of mud water turmeric

  Shipping box that 90 serving turmeric comes in

  Hand holding a mug of mud water turmeric

  90 serving bag of mud water turmeric

  Shipping box that 90 serving turmeric comes in

  Hand holding a mug of mud water turmeric

90 serving Turmeric B2B

With zero caffeine, our blend of turmeric, spices, mushrooms and mycelium gives you focus, immune support and, most importantly, balance. It'll support you throughout the day, without messin' with the night.

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It's what's inside that counts

If :rise and :rest are the bookends to your days, :balance is the library of knowledge cradled lovingly between them. How will it make you feel? :balance Turmeric won’t get you feeling too up, or too mellow, but juuust right.

100% USDA-certified organic

Only the best goes in our blends

Certs on certs

Grown in the U.S.A.

All our mushrooms and mycelium are 100% organic, contain zero fillers and are sourced from trusted American growers

California Residents: Learn about Prop 65 Warning.

How to make the perfect turmeric tea

Drop a spoonful of :balance Turmeric.

A tablespoon or 6g is good.

Pour 6-12 oz. of hot milk or water.

80% of customers use creamer or milk, 25% add sweetener too.

Get frothing. Get frothing real good.

Put to the bottom, tilt to the side,
then turn on.

Introducing :balance Turmeric

Ask us anything

Does :balance Turmeric contain caffeine?

Nope! There’s zero caffeine in this one.

Is :balance Turmeric keto-friendly?

There is no standard keto diet, so it’s up to you to decide. The 3 g carbs in each serving is a small amount, and most keto diets will allow for a mug of :balance Turmeric in the day.

Does :balance Turmeric contain gluten?

Nope, :balance Turmeric is gluten-free.

Does :balance Turmeric contain any sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners or added sugar?


What does :balance Turmeric taste like?

In the same way a mullet reflects the two sides of someone’s personality, :balance Turmeric has a business end and a party end. You'll discover the business end when you drink it straight—you get a very prim, well-mannered turmeric tea, slightly fruity and sweet, a little spicy, but overall respectable. Ready for a party? Add in something creamy, like our :creamer, and lessgoooo. When you start experimenting, :balance becomes a mosh pit of spiraling flavors … and you're standing right in front of the PA.

What contributes to the carbs and fiber? Usually tea doesn't contain these macros.

The majority of the carbs come from the mushrooms and whole turmeric in :balance Turmeric, which typical herbal teas do not contain.