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Black Lives Matter.

Police brutality, racial inequality, and discrimination have been prevalent in society since the foundation of our civilization. On May 25, 2020, they were the lead actors on display in an indescribably inhumane murder of George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and Tony McDade, and countless others have fallen victim to the systemic racism that exists today. No one should have to live in fear due to the color of their skin. We stand in solidarity in the pursuit of justice and equality.

As a white male, I am shamefully coming to terms with my personal ignorance to the truths of many who share this world with me. I haven't been a part of the solution. I've lived in a bubble, with the privilege of not needing to face these truths.

Without a clear magic solution, I can't pretend to be an authority on what the best thing to do is. I do believe that you can't change systems without changing the self, so that is where we begin: by listening. We have begun to cultivate productive, informative, and solution-based conversations around the historical contexts of systemic racism. Each member of the team is responsible for suggesting and leading a discussion around a movie, article, or podcast on the topic of inequality. In addition, we've conducted conversations with police authority as well as members of these afflicted communities in efforts to be stewards of the root causes of systemic problems so that we can be confident in our efforts to make real change.

Though challenging, having these conversations might be the most important step we can all take part in. I put together a list of content we will be discussing below, if you'd like to host a dinner party or discussion in your community, click here to tell us about it and we will supply the mud. If you see racism, let it be known that there's no place for it in our society.

Injustice thrives in darkness, let's starve it out.

Founder & CEO

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