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  Remember to Breathe
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Remember to Breathe

Three simple breathwork exercises to help you feel your best

Chris Keener

Cease all competing activities for the next few minutes and simply breathe. Access your greatest resource to ease stress, renew your energy levels, and feel great.

1) Inspire (Latin: “breathe in”) Your body seeks oxygen. Use quick, active inhales to energize and uplift.


  • Seated (not while driving—you may feel some temporary sensations in your body)
  • Take three big, consecutive inhales through your nose, progressively filling your lungs
  • Exhale through your mouth, making a “haaa” sound 
  • This is one round and should take about two seconds 
  • Do this for one minute (30-40 rounds) 
  • Notice how you feel

2) Expire (Latin: “to breathe out”)
Exhale and release what no longer serves you. Ease your breath and lengthen exhales to lower CO2 and de-escalate your stress response.


  • Seated or standing, relaxed 
  • Breathe in gently through your nose, down into your belly
  • Inhale again through your nose 
  • Release an extended exhale through your mouth
  • Do this five times at an easy pace 
  • Notice how you feel

3) Aspire (Latin: “to breathe on”) 
Attention in the present creates future possibilities. Use breath-holds to deepen your meditation.


  • Seated (not while driving—you may feel some temporary sensations in your body)
  • Take 10 big breaths in and out through your mouth
  • Inhale deeply and hold for the count of 10
  • Slowly exhale through lightly pursed lips
  • Sit quietly for as long as you like

Thank you for joining in this conspiracy (Latin: “to breathe together”).

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