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The backbone of mud: Masala Chai

The backbone of mud: Masala Chai

Masala Chai Chai is what gives mud its soul. The founder of mud lived in India for a while and it was there he fell in love with the spicy tea. Mud...

Masala Chai

Chai is what gives mud its soul. The founder of mud lived in India for a while and it was there he fell in love with the spicy tea. Mud is a mixture of different ingredients that were put in to benefit your mind, body, and soul. So it was only right that the base of MUD\WTR was another mixture of ingredients. That is why chai has found itself as the main ingredient in your tin.

Masala Chai is a brew of black tea that has a mixture of spices and herbs in it. Our blend has ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper. When you look at coffee it is really just one thing, a poor vessel for caffeine. When we made mud, we wanted the vessel to bring different benefits. Masala chai was the perfect choice for that.

 Although these ingredients are great separate, it is known that cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper when put together work in synergy to aid against inflammation in the body. They do this by stopping the production of lipid compounds in the body that are known to trigger the beginning of inflammation.

Ginger alone is a very strong herb. You can call this herb a superfood when talking about digestion. In a study with pregnant women who were experiencing morning sickness, participants that were given 1 gram of ginger noticed a significant decrease in their nausea symptoms. In separate studies, it showed relief in nausea with chemo patients and seasickness. Ginger is also considered a carminative, which means it aids and prevents gas while it relaxes the smooth muscle in your intestines.

Cloves are starting to sprout (sorry for the pun) in the Western health world. As they should. Cloves are a flowering bud that grows on a tropical tree. The cool thing with cloves is it known that they can help make you feel fuller longer as well as regulate blood sugar levels. With the common problem of us eating too much, it only makes sense to have some amount of cloves in your regiment.

Nutmeg and Cardamom are both spices that are used in the aid of digestion. While both work to aid upset stomach and diarrhea, cardamom has been used in medicine when treating IBS because of how well the spice works.

Black pepper plays an important role when drinking mud. Pepper contains a compound called piperine that has been shown in many studies to make drugs and herbs more bioavailable. Which just means that it makes the nutrients you are ingesting more absorbable. So all the herbs that we put in your mud are actually being used by the body, mind, and soul.

Chai has been around for many years and has developed quite a following. It even has its own society, Called Chai Society, we made it. You can join here 


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