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  MUD\MIX Vol. 3
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MUD\MIX Vol. 3

An uplifting soundtrack for your late-summer adventures

Dersu Rhodes

After a hectic packing session, you finally climb into the car for your road trip. A melancholic wave passes over you as you come to terms with the fact that you will never find that sack of snacks underneath all those bags. But you take a deep breath and your mood lifts as the passing wind finds your cheeks and you pull onto the freeway, finally pressing play on MUD\MIX Vol. 3

We recommend listening to the playlist from beginning to end with shuffle turned off for the intended melodic adventure.

Here is a little color about some of our favorite tracks from the mix. 

Himalaya Reel to Reel” by Populous

Populous is the project of multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrea Mangia, a Salento-born artist who grew up in a region of Italy where traditional music flourishes. His track “Himalaya Reel to Reel” is the perfect anthemic intro to your musical journey. 

Wake Me Up” by Cubicolor

Cubicolor is a band made up of members from both Amsterdam and London. Unfortunately, they had to cancel a highly anticipated tour due to the pandemic, but you can support them by buying the track they recently released through the label Keinemusik.

Until We Bleed” by Kleerup, Lykke Li

We're here for Lykke Li's mysterious, enigmatic voice layered over Kleerup's dreamy, undulating synth. Enough adjectives for you? 

Siebel” by Sebra Cruz

I didn't know much about Sebra Cruz before discovering this track, but it turns out that he's been DJing on the coast of Romania for decades. He's collaborated with producers such as DJ Tennis and Joseph Ashworth, and his track “Siebel” is a touching composition that cuts right to the heart. 

On a roll? Scope last month's MUD\MIX while you're at it.

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