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MUD\MIX Vol. 4: Dope Beats for the Fall Streets

MUD\WTR’s resident DJ curates another installment of our monthly playlist. Get ready to launch.

Dersu Rhodes

Summer, we hardly knew ya.

As the seasons change, so should your playlist. The days are getting shorter and the weather is turning colder, but that’s no reason to turn down the tempo on your daily tunes. If anything, you need some cold, hard beats now more than ever to get you through those long and lonely fall evenings. 

Behold, MUD\MIX Vol. 4: Dope Beats for the Fall Streets. Press play, grab your puffiest overcoat, get out there and strut.

“Kläppen II” by Golden Ivy

Scandinavian producer Ivar Lantz, aka Golden Ivy, has spent years creating musical landscapes that make mundane tasks like taking out your trash feel like the final scene of a Denis Villeneuve film. 

“Nos corps” by Jimmy Hunt

Jimmy Hunt is originally from Quebec City, but started to seduce eardrums in Montreal in 2000, playing with artists such as Cœur de pirate. “Nos corps” from his album “Maladie d’Amor” is the groove that will help us transition dreamily from summer into fall. 

“Silent City” by Madota

Madota is two Iranian-born, Vancouver-raised producers and DJs, Behnam & Mehran. Now living in Berlin, they’re residents at the legendary Kater Blau club and are as vibrant as their music.

“Righteous Red Berets - Luke Vibert Remix” by Felix Laband and Luke Vibert

Felix Laband and Luke Vibert may be from different worlds, but their track “Righteous Red Berets” is a perfect example of how music unites aesthetics and culture. Laband hails from South Africa while Vibert grew up in the dreary hills of Cornwall, England. This track encourages optimism; it’s an anthem of hope in hardship.

Need some more MUD\MIXES in your playlist library? Here’s what got us through the end of summer.

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