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  That $hit's Sick Vol. 4
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That $hit's Sick Vol. 4

From “Donda” to Jocko Willink, here’s what MUD\WTR Marketing Coordinator Garrett Mullennix has been vibing with this month

Garrett Mullennix

I have always daydreamed of what I would bring to my GQ “10 Things Garrett Mullennix Can’t Live Without” video. But to no one’s surprise, they haven’t reached out yet. So this is the next best option! Here are the things I am currently obsessed with. 

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

MUD\WTR gives you an Ōura Ring when you join the company full-time to track your sleep, and it’s amazing. But I have noticed it is a bit hard to fit a ring under a mountain bike glove or on a barbell. So I used my wellness benefit (mud gives you a generous monthly health allowance—when I say this is the greatest place to work, just know I mean it), and picked up a heart rate strap to track my mountain bike rides and show off on Strava to my friends, proving that they will never be able to beat me at anything related to cardio. This is perfect for anyone that loves long distance sports. 

Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles”

There was a time where we didn’t talk politics or our medical records It’s hard to believe, but we used to talk about things like ... music. And if you are going to talk about music, you have to talk about Billie Eilish. Before the world shut down I saw her set at Coachella, and it was the greatest live performance I have ever seen (and my dad took me to see KISS when I was 3 years old.) The concert she has on Disney+ doesn’t quite give you the feeling of standing in a desert with strangers, but I enjoyed it with a cup of mud on the couch and was still insanely inspired to create. So much so, I created this article shortly after finishing it. Give it a watch.

Donda” VS “Certified Lover Boy

Protect artists at all costs.

Without them, we would be lost. At a loss of inspiration, at a loss of emotions, and most importantly we would be at a loss of great Instagram captions. So naturally, we must thank Drake for blessing our IG for the next year. But with Kanye West’s album dropping before “Certified Lover Boy,” who has the better album? I’m still deciding.

Gorilla Mode Nitric Pre-Workout Supplement

When giving up coffee, my caffeine sensitivity went through the roof. Something else I noticed is nearly every pre-workout supplement has at least 300mg of caffeine. That is ridiculous

So why drink a pre-workout supplement with no caffeine? For one, I need that mental routine and trigger that tells me I am about to go work out. Secondly, this pre-workout is filled with vasodilators which help fill your muscles with blood to give you a “pump” and a better mind-muscle connection. Without 300mg of caffeine. 

Jocko Willink on the Lex Fridman Podcast: War, Leadership, and Discipline

I wouldn’t be in my mid-twenties unless I gave you a podcast recommendation. Lex Fridman may very well be a robot (I say that with love as he works on artificial intelligence) but he inspires discipline and curiosity. Combine that with Jocko Willink, the former Navy Seal Commander, and I’ll catch you at the 5 a.m. workout tomorrow. 

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