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  • How Quitting Coffee Brought Back My Dreams

    Finding the gender identity of my wildest dreams 
    By Leo Aquino

    6 min read
  • Enlightenment on Aisle Nine

    My totally plausible plan for supermarkets to save us all
    By Kyle Thiermann

    2 min read
  • Sometimes a Misstep is a Step in the Right Direction

    Sitting in my windowless office in Midtown Manhattan one day in the mid-1980s, I received a call from a Spanish journalist named Katalina Montero A...

    8 min read
  • TLDR: The Potential of Candy Flipping

    The first study combining MDMA and LSD in humans is under way
    By Dorna Pourang

    2 min read
  • Quieting our Anxieties with Sound Baths

    Sound meditation releases tension at a time when we need it most
    By Jennifer Maerz

    5 min read
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