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Dorna Pourang

Dorna Pourang

Los Angeles
Psychedelic Research Expert

The deets.

Dorna Pourang launched the veteran program at The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and her research has been published in the Journal of Neurological Surgery, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, and AJCM.


Where were you born and what was your childhood like?

I was born in Virginia, then grew up all over the East Coast (Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida). My parents immigrated to the U.S. so my dad could study nuclear physics, so we moved around following the latest proton beam technology while he completed his thesis. The apple didn't fall far from the tree there. I was frequently grounded for reading under the covers past bedtime (yes, the glasses were thick). I spent summers either in Iran with my enormous extended family (24 aunts and uncles and too many cousins to count) or road-tripping through the states exploring beautiful indigenous land. Many childhood years of wild camping in either the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee or the Madanzaran province of Iran primed me to be the pro Burner I am today.


What is your favorite way to de-stress?

Sunshine, beach walks, warm beverages (shameless MUD\WTR plug), a little movement, lots of candles and incense, my Apollo Neuroscience band, and cooking a low-key dinner for loved ones.


What is a quote that inspires you?

“We are not men. We are women. We feel more deeply, express our emotions more frequently, and get moody monthly. It’s normal. It’s nature’s way. And we don’t necessarily have to medicate away the essence of who we are to make others more comfortable.”―Julie Holland, MD


Who is someone you love to follow on social media?

@tamintegration is an account that makes hilarious and niche memes about the psychedelic industry. It's run by Daniel Shankin, an incredible human who runs virtual psychedelic integration circles the right way. Definitely give them a follow.


What is a goal that you have for yourself?

To positively influence the development of a regenerative bridged framework for healing—one with non-exploitative reverence to the wisdom of sacred plants and indigenous stewards of our land.


Describe your morning or evening ritual.

My workdays usually run from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (I know, yeesh). I grab a workout or sunset walk immediately after and then try to turn off all the electronics to get into the rest state. I dim the lights, make a nourishing dinner, run a self-indulgent bath with incense and candles, do a Quadrinity check-in meditation with a mug of :rest blend, stretch and journal out any tension in my mind before hitting lights out. 


What is your favorite way to make your mud?

With a big scoop of the MUD\WTR :creamer, whipped with half steamed nut milk and half hot water. Sometimes I'll add a dash of rosewater and sprinkle crushed rose petals on top of the foam. It's the little things!


How does :rise make you feel?

Grounded. Working within the psychedelic renaissance over the last few years has been a rollercoaster, so I've heavily cultivated grounding rituals to bring me back to my center and remind me why I do the work that I do. A warm mug of mud is held to my heart at every morning and evening meditation.