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Chocolate Coconut Mud

Chocolate Coconut Mud

Prep time
5 minutes
Jennifer Ivette Avelar Banos

Here's a little secret about mud: our mushroom-powered :rise blend is every dessert chef's secret ingredient. Honest.

OK, that's a lie. But our Chocolate Coconut Mud is an overnight recipe that brings the best parts of mud, chocolate and coconut together in one mug. Make it the night before and refrigerate overnight for a breakfast drink that's almost a dessert ... but can still give your morning a healthy kick-start.


  • 1 tbsp MUD\WTR's :rise blend
  • 1 serving of powdered coconut tea
  • Chocolate milk or a plant-based milk of your choice


  1. Spoon the :rise into a mason jar or mug.
  2. Add the powdered coconut tea. If you've got coconut cream, that works, too.
  3. Get frothing with the mud whip.
  4. Add your choice of milk
  5. Stir (or shake) the whole thing together until it's nice and even. 
  6. Place it in the fridge overnight to cool.
  7. Wake up, grab a straw and enjoy that sweet, choco-coconut muddy goodness.