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Chocolate Coconut Mud

Prep Time
5 minutes
Jennifer Ivette Avelar Banos

The deets.

If you didn't know, mud can taste like a dessert sometimes. If you have a sweet tooth we recommend you try Chocolate Coconut Mud. It is best made the night before and then refrigerated over night, to give it a chocolate milk like experience.


  • 1 tbsp of mud
  • 1 serving of powdered coconut tea
  • chocolate milk/plant milk of your choice
  • Mason jar with lid


  1. Prepare mud hot in the jar
  2. add powdered coconut tea (cream works too) 
  3. mix with the MUD\WHIP
  4. Add a chocolate milk\nut milk to your liking
  5. Shake well and put in fridge over night
  6. Enjoy through a large straw like boba, not plastic though