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Mud Banana Smoothie

Mud Banana Smoothie

Prep time
10 minutes
Alec Majerus

Want to know one of the best-kept secrets at Mud HQ?

Bananas and mud is the perfect pairing. For real. We can't explain it. The natural sweetness of bananas always makes any smoothie special, but with mud smoothies? It's a whole new level of flavor. Throw together this Mud Banana Smoothie the next time you need a morning boost and tell us we're wrong, we dare ya. 



  1. Add your frozen banana, honey, mud, and almond milk to a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Add some ice to thicken, or a little more almond milk to thin the smoothie out.
  4. All set? Great. Pour, drink and enjoy.