Up to 43% off Starter Kits with code SUMMER
Up to 43% off Starter Kits with code SUMMER

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More than just a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, MUD\WTR is a rich blend of mushrooms, superfoods, and spices. It provides a gentle caffeine lift that boosts your energy, focus, and immune system without any of the jitters or sleep disruptions associated with coffee. 

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Mushrooms and a black container displayed on a light beige background with wooden stands.

Energy, focus, immune & gut support with every serving.

A coffee alternative consisting of 100% organic cacao, ayurvedic herbs and functional mushrooms. With just a fraction of the caffeine found in coffee, you get energy, focus and immune support without the jitters, crash or poor sleep

Clean Energy

35mg of caffeine, l-theanine, and cordyceps to support energy

Immune Support

Chaga, reishi, turmeric, and antioxidants to support immunity

No Jitters

Just a little caffeine and l-theanine, so no scaries

Laser Focus

Lion's mane, black tea, cacao and l-theanine to support focus

Gut Health

Pre-biotic fiber to support gut health and digestion

No Nonsense

100% Organic, no sugar or weird sweeteners

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