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  How To Wake Up In the Morning: 12 Tips That Will Change Your Day
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How To Wake Up In the Morning: 12 Tips That Will Change Your Day

 The first few minutes after you open your eyes in the morning are the most important minutes of the day. They completely define how your day will turn out to be. We are provided a new opportunity to start afresh and make things better than they were the day before. We’re empowered to take on the world. Each day holds its own challenges, so it's important to get on the right start.

You can benefit from the magical power of the morning and make your day productive by following a healthy morning routine. A good routine develops a positive mindset, good habits, a sense of discipline, and self-control. It also motivates you to achieve your daily goals and targets.

On the flip side, by not establishing a mindful routine, you will find that you are working against yourself.  So, if you want to overcome the morning’s anxiety and change yourself for the better, developing a mindful morning routine is the best thing you can do.

Below is a list of the most effective and healthy habits that are proven to make you even more productive, energetic, and positive throughout the day. Let’s dive right in!

1. Never Hit the Snooze Button

Most people have a habit of hitting the snooze button again and again in the morning. When you hit the snooze button, it’s kind of telling the world that you are not ready to face the challenges of the day— and instead, are willing to let the day run over you. You are likely to procrastinate. You’re doomed. 

To develop the habit of waking up right away, forget the fact that the snooze button even exists. Even better, you should put the alarm clock away from the better to make yourself get out of bed to switch it off. Once you are up, chances are you won’t find yourself crawling back under the covers.

2. Become an Early Bird

Develop a habit of waking an hour earlier than you normally do. You’d be amazed at the amount of work that can be accomplished in just an hour. If that idea comes as a shock, you can gradually build it from waking 15 minutes early to 30 minutes to an hour, in a couple of weeks.

Once you have developed a routine of waking an hour early, you’ll never go back.

3. Start Your Day with Gratitude

Start your day with gratitude and thanking the universe for the beautiful life you have worked hard to achieve— and for all the good things happening in your life. Gratitude is among the healthiest of human emotions and is a key element to improving the rest of the day— and finding the work-life balance in the long run. 

Take a few deep breaths, embrace the liveliness of sun rays, notice the beauty of nature, and utter some words of thanks and gratitude. It will help you be more positive, happier, and determined to keep working hard and achieve your dreams.

You will leave behind anxiety and start your new day with a fresh and calm mind.

4. Drink Water or Lemon Juice

Start your morning routine with a glass of water or lemon juice to stay hydrated. While you are asleep, the body's metabolism works faster and increases the need to get hydrated. The 6-8 hours of recommended sleep is a long period without any fluid consumption, making it indispensable to intake an adequate amount of water first thing in the morning.

Also, many doctors recommend drinking lemon juice or water with honey or ginger. Lemon juice helps remove toxins and harmful materials from your body, maintains PH levels, and boosts your immune system.

Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach helps in digestion and lessens inflammation. It is a great source of replenishing Vitamin C and other nutrients after an entire night's sleep. 

5. Implement Digital Detox

Checking the notifications on your smartphone as soon as you wake up is a major source of distress and anxiety. Enough medical research is available to corroborate this fact. You don’t want to start your day with tension and stress.

Pledge not to use your phone within the first hour of opening your eyes. It will be difficult at the outset, given how much glued we are to our screens, but it will be worth it. You will find peace of mind, calmness, and happiness. There is plenty of time left in the day to get caught up. You can check your emails, messages, or other notifications during breakfast.

6. Write a Positive Thought

You should develop a routine of writing down some positive thoughts in a journal, planner, or diary. It can be an inspiring quote, the things you are grateful for, any positive affirmations and pledges to yourself, what you want to achieve, or anything that gives you the motivation to work hard and accomplish your dreams.

It will take you just a couple of minutes to write a positive thought, and you will witness how much energy and positivity it brings in your day. 

7. Workout or Yoga

Needless to say (but we will mention it anyway), morning exercise is a prerequisite to a productive and energetic day.

Once you are up and hydrated, it’s time to help restart the mechanisms of your body with sufficient exercise. Not only is it a great energy booster, but it relieves stress and anxiety as well. What type of workout you perform totally depends on your choice and lifestyle. Be it a walk, jog, or run in the park or a 15-20 minute yoga session inside your house, it's important to get your body moving.

Waking up an hour early gives you enough time to work out. If you can’t lift weights or engage in high impact activity due to any reason, light stretching can also do the trick. Working out fuels growth and improves blood flow in your body, not to mention it breaks up the monotony of sitting on your butt all day. 

8. Don’t Skip the Shower

Now, you have sweated out toxins and harmful chemicals of your body. It is time to take a nice shower for a fresh and active rest of the day. Hopping in the shower or relaxing in the tub is the easiest way to get started with fresh, relaxing vibes.

9. Have A Healthy Breakfast

After a workout or stretching session, make sure you have a healthy breakfast to keep your energy level up and lift your spirit for the rest of the day. The first meal of the day will determine the level of liveliness and zeal with which you carry out the daily tasks.

So, go to the kitchen and look for things that will help fuel your body: fruits, grains, beans, veggies, milkshakes, or anything that can help jumpstart your metabolism. That’s why breakfast is considered the ‘most important meal of the day.

10. Drink Caffeine

Millions of people start their day by drinking caffeine. It increases the brain’s production of dopamine, which is associated with feelings of reward and motivation and makes our body more alert and attentive. However, too much of anything can be bad. Remember, you should avoid drinking caffeine on an empty stomach as it may lead to uncomfortable side effects such as indigestion and heartburn.

This is one of the reasons that we created MUD. MUD\WTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With a fraction of the caffeine found in coffee, MUD gives you natural energy, focus, and more without the jitters and crash.

11. Dress Like a Star

Now, it is time to get dressed up and try to look your best. Research shows that dressing up boosts your confidence and motivates you to rise to the daily challenges and be the BEST.

Wear anything that makes you feel like a rockstar as long as it doesn’t violate the dress code at your school or company.

12. Be Consistent in Your Morning Routine

Finally, and most importantly, you have to be consistent in your morning routine. You may find difficulty at the start, but your body and mind will get used to it over time. Waking up at a fixed time, working out for a specific duration, and eating breakfast on time will help you control the day’s schedule rather than the schedule controlling you.

Consistency in morning activities will help you focus on pending tasks, prioritize your time, and be charged to face the challenges of the day. 

In Summary

For the majority of us, a morning routine is nothing more than getting out of bed, washing your face and brushing teeth, having a casual breakfast, and heading out for work.

By taking it seriously and implementing even just a few of these items, you can change your life, make yourself more creative, and become more efficient. How you spend the first hour of your day determines how you will spend the rest of the day.


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