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  A Very Muddy Holiday Gift Guide
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A Very Muddy Holiday Gift Guide

Support your loved ones' healthy habits this holiday season

Blair Atkins

It’s difficult to wrap eight hours of sleep into a box. We tried. We failed.

Instead, team MUD\WTR has compiled a shortlist of useful gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Everything here is on a mud member’s wishlist, or it’s something they’re gifting to a family member or friend.

Make your list and check it twice: It’s time to go shopping, mud-style. 

Stocking Stuffers: Lil’ Delights

Trends w/ Benefits Newspaper

The limited edition Trends w/ Benefits newspaper is a way to kick it old-school and detox from your phone. It's an homage to a time when newspapers were a quarter and we had the attention spans to read them. Pick up one for your bestie and give the gift of screen-free entertainment over the holiday break. 

Open Membership

Open is a mindfulness studio for breathwork, meditation and movement. Based in Venice, CA, Open streams live and on-demand classes to practitioners across the globe every day. Give the gift of presence this year with a month's subscription for only $20.

The Five Minute Journal

Developing a regular journal practice can be a slog, but this journal gives you simple prompts to set intentions, invoke gratitude and reflect. It only takes a few minutes to complete each day, but it’s a small task that can do wonders for shifting someone’s mindset to focus on the good in life, rather than dwelling on the negative. Gift to that friend who is super-busy, but still looking for ways to find moments of presence and gratitude each day.

MUD\WTR :sweetener

Slip this into the stocking of someone who’s been a real sweetie-pie this year. Made from two parts coconut sugar and one part lucuma, this sweetener is 100% USDA-certified organic, vegan and gluten-free. When it comes to sweetening your morning mud (or anything else), it’s a match made in superfood heaven.

Mud Life: Support Your Loved Ones’ Daily Rituals

MUD\WTR :rest

Our new nighttime blend has landed. Got a friend who knows how to ramp things up, but struggles with slowing down? Gift them a :rest Evening ritual starter kit to support better sleep this holiday season. 

James Clear’s Atomic Habits ...

James Clear has made a big impact on the mud team this year.
Atomic Habits … has helped us shape our rituals and our content, and provided endless talking points in team discussions. Clear is one of the world’s leading experts in habit formation and this book reveals practical strategies that will teach you how to form good habits effectively, break bad ones successfully, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results. Gift it to someone who is on a self-improvement journey. 

Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep ...

Got someone in your family still scrolling through Facebook at 2 a.m.? Slide this book from neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker under the tree this year. If you spot them furiously flicking through the pages as soon as it’s unwrapped, maybe they’ll be in bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Mushroom Mind Wall Art by Ruby Ash 

This print by Ruby Ash celebrates the Wood Wide Web: The mycelial network that connects trees in the forest and allows them to pass nutrients between one another. Gift this to the mycophile in your life to remind them just how fantastic fungi really are. 

Heavy Hitters: For the People Who Really Deserve It

Rachel Saunders’ The Phone Home

Know a family member who numbs out on TikTok daily? This one’s for them. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A home for your mobile device. Handmade and designed to inspire and encourage healthy tech boundaries, The Phone Home can help you be more mindful with your screen time and support a restorative sleep routine. It looks pretty cool, too.

BLUblox Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Our bodies are programmed to start winding down after sunset. These days, we stare at our screens late into the evening, blasting our eyes with blue light that signals to the brain to stay alert, disrupting our natural sleep cycle. If your TikTok-ing niece or nephew just won’t put the phone down, consider these blue light-blocking glasses for them instead. They might just thank you for it.

A Gift That Money Can’t Buy

In our opinion, the best present you can offer is your presence. Make a mug of mud with your grandma, neighbor or coworker and relish the holiday magic. Above all, spending time together unrushed is a rarity and a gift in itself. 

Blair Atkins is a movement and mindfulness teacher based in Venice, CA. She also happens to be MUD\WTR's Community Manager. Connect with Blair on Instagram.

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