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  • Diving into America’s Waters to Solve Cold Cases

    How a team of Youtube divers known as Adventures with Purpose went from picking up trash to finding missing persons

    By Maggie Gigandet

    6 min read
  • How to Survive a Night in the Wild

    Learning the potentially life-saving skill of building a “leaf sleeping bag” 

    By Kyle Thiermann

    6 min read
  • The Many Wonderful Mushrooms of Yunnan

    Foragers in the Chinese Province of Yunnan collect a whopping 160,000 metric tons of fungi each spring

    By Crystal Wilde

    5 min read
  • Big Cat Fear in the Badlands

    Facing a deadly animal alone, at night, in the backcountry By Brent Rose The two animal encounters I’ve always been the most afraid of are bears an...

    8 min read
  • The Peter Mel Profile

    The big-wave legend reflects on addiction, family, and the wave of a lifetime By Kyle Thiermann When the wave came, at around 3 p.m. on Jan. 8, 202...

    9 min read
  • Sometimes a Misstep is a Step in the Right Direction

    Sitting in my windowless office in Midtown Manhattan one day in the mid-1980s, I received a call from a Spanish journalist named Katalina Montero A...

    8 min read
  • Hunting in Sandals

    What a Wyoming deer hunt taught me about loneliness, masculinity and the importance of proper footwear

    By Kyle Thiermann

    7 min read
  • Steinbeck Had His Dog. I Had My Device.

    A phone-infused trip to Yellowstone made me realize that in capturing the present, I was anything but

    By Kyle Thiermann

    4 min read
  • Getting Lost

    The thrill of stumbling directly into the heart of the unknown By Tim Cahill I seem to have spent a lot of time lost: I’ve been lost in the jungles...

    7 min read
  • Devil’s in the Details

    How a disastrous morning at Mavericks led to the biggest wave of my life

    By Kyle Thiermann

    5 min read

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