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Trends w/ Benefits

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  • 7 Ways to Navigate Conflict in Your Relationship

    Because we all need less conflict and more cuddling

    5 min read
  • Floor Sitting: Your Foundation for Self-Care

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin.
    6 min read
  • Stay Outta My Head!

    Three ways to keep social media from hacking our brains
    3 min read
  • Turmeric: Sri Lanka’s Golden Spice

    To many Sri Lankans, turmeric isn't just a spice added to dishes for color and flavor—it's a way of life
    6 min read
  • The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

    Our pick of the sleep products that can help you get a good night’s rest
    2 min read
  • This Is Your Brain on Gut Health (And Vice Versa)

    After a fall left her with permanent brain damage in 2015, Brooke Knisley’s journey back to health started in the gut
    5 min read
  • How Does Alcohol Impact Sleep?

    The data is in: Booze and sleep don’t mix
    2 min read
  • Work from Anywhere (But Here)

    Tw/B’s Assistant Editor has left the nine-to-five—and North American city life—to set up shop in Barbados
    8 min read
  • Are We Here Yet?

    How a mindfulness practice made me a happier person. (Spoiler: Mushrooms were involved.)
    5 min read
  • How Does Social Media Affect Our Physical Health?

    From nearsightedness to hand injuries, our small phones can have a big impact on our bodies as well as our minds
    2 min read

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