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  • WTF is Astromycology?

    Mushrooms ... in space? Nick Hilden investigates some top-secret research being carried out by NASA and the world’s leading mycologist.
    4 min read
  • 3 Tips to Help You Quit Coffee

    Sure, you can try to quit coffee. But you'll probably fail without a strategy.
    4 min read
  • The Dangers of Insufficient Sleep

    How poor sleep can negatively impact your health
    2 min read
  • The Surprising Ease of a Digital Detox

    A 24-hour screen detox felt so good, I didn’t want it to end. Here’s what it was like.
    10 min read
  • That $hit's Sick Vol. 4

    From “Donda” to Jocko Willink, here’s what MUD\WTR Marketing Coordinator Garrett Mullennix has been vibing with this month
    2 min read
  • MUD\MIX Vol. 4: Dope Beats for the Fall Streets

    MUD\WTR’s resident DJ curates another installment of our monthly playlist. Get ready to launch.
    1 min read
  • Flow and Behold: The Science Behind the Flow State and How to Achieve It

    Artists and athletes alike use flow states to reach the peak of their abilities, and you can too
    8 min read
  • Pollan and Coffee, Sitting in a Tree: T-w-e-a-k-i-n-g

    How Michael Pollan's chapter on caffeine in This Is Your Mind On Plants blows a generational opportunity to shift the narrative on sleep
    5 min read
  • What Is Your Body Doing While You Sleep?

    Sleeping better starts by first understanding what happens while you're under
    2 min read
  • Mumbai’s Chai of Choice

    How India’s financial capital stretched a cup of masala tea with “cutting chai”
    5 min read

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