Why MUD\WTR Allows Microdosing at Work
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Why MUD\WTR Allows Microdosing at Work

MUD\WTR's Shane Heath on why we support our employees to microdose at work. Discover all of Trends w/ Benefits' psychedelic stories.

Shane Heath

When it comes to encouraging “drugs” in the workplace, isn't it interesting that most offices put coffee and energy drinks in their kitchens, allowing employees to conduct work in an altered state of consciousness?

We believe that creativity is the new productivity, and while high doses of caffeine might allow you to do a thousand jumping jacks before crumpling to the floor in some glorious dehydrated spasm, it sure as shit doesn't help you think creatively.

And while high-dose psychedelic trips should be done in a safe setting (with an Alex Grey painting hanging on the wall), microdosing—that is, taking a fraction of a full dose—has a low risk profile. It can italicize consciousness just slightly, allowing us to make new and novel connections that aren't typically available on an average Monday morning.

I'm not saying anything new here. Plenty of people microdose at work, they just hide it from their managers. This is stupid and unreasonable. These small lies lead to a trust vacuum within a company (and society as a whole), causing a big, fat the-emperor-has-no-clothes situation, where everyone's nodding their heads and winking at the rules put forward by leadership.

In this new Trends w/ Benefits article, “The Trips That Made Us,” I talk about my own experiences with psychedelics and how some of the insights I gained through them are shaping MUD\WTR today. We hope it helps destigmatize the conversation of psychedelics, even by a millimeter.

While I have your attention, read on at the links below to discover more of our policies around psychedelics, alongside some truly transformational psychedelic stories.

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